March 2016

22 March 2016: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Message recieved from Ken Bramley, 957656

“Swede Greetings Shipmate, Just to let you know that my old oppo ROY
BROWN from Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire has crossed the Bar

His funeral is next Thursday at 1400. I joined up with Roy at H.M.S
Gamecock we stuck together, finally finished our service on the old Ark,
3K1 mess starboard watch. We were reunited in civvy street.”

March 2016: Fred Tubb

Just had a nice message from John Phimister,s Widow Via Don Swaffield (Ex- AH) regarding his Ashes. Please read Below.

“Hi Fred.
How are you keeping these days, hope all is going well with yourself and Joyce.Having a chat with Brenda on Friday and she has asked me to contact you to let you that John’s wishes have finally been granted by the Gibraltar Government (Navy) for John’s ashes to be scattered over the area where HMS Ark Royal was sunk during the 2nd world war. The ceremony will be carried out from a patrol boat on Tuesday April 5th. Brenda will be attending along with John’s brother. I don’t have a time that the event will be carried out, but I will be sparing a thought for John on that day.
Regards to you both