Oct 2018 obits

24 Oct 2018: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Trevor “Taff” Best

Sad news.
I just received the following letter from Stu Best, Trevor “Taff” Best Son.

“Hello Rod
I’m Trevor Best’s son and i I found your email address from some of his paperwork.

Unfortunately i have sad news that after his long illness that you maybe aware of Dad passed away on Saturday in Milton Keynes hospital.

He was admitted to hospital again 4 weeks ago after being taken particularly ill at home and managed to scrap hard as usual but finally he became too weak and the Multiple Myeloma he suffered from got the better of him.
Myself and my sister (Laura) who flew in from America with hours to spare were with him in hospital throughout his final hours.

Its a really hard time for us at the moment obviously but we wanted to try and let as many of his friends, colleagues and acquaintances know as soon as possible and obviously his Navy days and subsequent association membership was a huge part of his life that he treasured greatly.
Im ex Navy myself and completely understand the bonds made and kept throughout your life.

I don’t know exactly names and details of people who he knew in the AHA and beyond so as i have your details I suppose im contacting you to personally let you know aswell as hoping that you may have a good forum to let others know (possibly through some form of announcement in the AHA publication that i know he had delivered regularly?)
Im assuming that you have contacts here but please excuse me if you don’t and maybe then if you could perhaps give me some direction as to who may be best to contact to do this? I suppose i can contact the newsletter directly from details on the copy…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Thank you

Stuart Best

I’ll post further details as I get them

RIP Taff old Shipmate. Fair winds and safe harbour.


14 Oct 2018: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Fred Soule Update

Funeral arrangements are as follows,
14.40 26th October. At Yeovil Crematorium.
After the service, gather at the Old Barn Club in Yeovil.
All welcome.


10 Oct 2018: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Fred Soule

I have just been informed of some sad news. Fred Soule, one of our members and a dear old shipmate CTB in the early hours of this morning.
I will post more details as I receive them. Vic is in touch with Shirley.
RIP in peace shipmate.

Fred, Vic, Fred Tubb, Mo Atkins, Wee Mac, Jimmy Logan, Scouse Huggard & myself were all in the same mess in Jellicoe block 1962 awaiting 3’s Courses. 55 years ago.
Fair winds and safe harbour Fred.
Condolences to Shirley and family.