June 2017

26 June 2017: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Sylvia Evinson

Sad to report of the passing of one of the Associations biggest fans. Sylv CTB early this morning in Trelisk Hospital, Truro, having suffered a massive stroke yesterday.

From the very beginning Aunty Sylv. as she became known, used to let the early committee hold meetings in her front room. She was always at reunions, large and small, a good kind lady to all who knew her.

RIP Aunty Sylv. I’m sure our Shipmates already in St. Peter’s bar will find a seat for you amongst them.


15 June 2017: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

CPO (AH) David Webb

Received from Bob Hughes Australia
Would sadly like to inform you of the “crossing the bar” of an EX CPO(AH) named David Webb; I first met him in 2004 when visiting Perth and he was in the Australian Navy Cadets at a unit called TS Canning, he was the Officer in Charge of the junior division. Ozzie Command decided that they would in their wisdom, do away with Junior Cadets because of H&S risks, something I found strange as it works so well in the UK. So David retired back home in Mandaruh broken hearted, he would have been in his mid 70’s then guessing. He so enjoyed working with the kids and they thought the world of him.

When we finally moved here in 2007 we spent time with Dave and his wife of many years Trixy on quite a few occasions, but as they both, not unlike the rest of us start to get older health issues become a bigger issue, (Trixy died about four or five years ago) not too long after they had sold their main home and relocated to a nearby retirement village where they were very active residents at first. Once Trixy passed away David started to have some very serious health problems himself which led to extended stays in a hospital. I have failed to visit him for a couple of years but did speak on the phone occasionally. Something I regret is not getting our merry troupe of chockheads out here to see him, he would have loved the chance to reminisce with fellow Handlers.

David use to be a member of the AHA some time ago I believe, I remember a picture in the Navy News a few years ago of Dave as a CPO leading the Yeovilton volunteer band out as the Drum Major striding proudly passed the old wailing wall………..

He received a hurt certificate for being blown down the deck on Ark Royal and being smashed up against a fire point locker, that was late 50’s early 60’s I think. Anyway, we will still have members out there that will remember him I feel sure. I do my best to try to contact Navy News to get a copy of that photo they produced of Dave and get it to Pete for maybe the next Herald? He like many of us was a character and was so proud of his 22 years in the Pusser. RIP in peace dear shipmate………………………………………….

RIP Spider. Safe Harbour.