December 2016

31 Dec 2016: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Harry Kingston

More sad news I’m afraid. I have just been notified by Pete Coleman, that Harry Kingston CTB back in October.
Peter had to contact the family to find out. Harry’s wife is severely speech impaired due to a stroke.
Far too late for us to do anything now. But, I am sure you will all wish him calm seas and safe harbour.
RIP Harry.


22 Dec 2016: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

William “Charlie” Lamb

Sad news guys, we have just been informed that Charlie Lamb crossed the bar this AM. Joe Marshall his area Rep is dealing with the family side of things.
More details will be published as we receive them.
RIP Charlie.

Personally I have know Charlie since the early seventies. A good mate and a great run ashore. I’ll miss you old mate.

Notified by Geoff Perkins and Mick Richards.

Rest in Peace Shipmate


19 Dec 2016: Rod “Swede” Fearnley

Bill Armitage

Received this morning from Steve Grace.
“Hi Swede. My name is Steve Grace and I served as a Handler from 74 to 80. I wanted to notify someone of the passing of another Handler and Griz Beard suggested I contact you.
The sister of William “Bill” Armitage sent me a message to say he had died following a heart attack last week. I served with Bill on the Ark Royal in 1975 and we were both on Starboard watch till he left the following year. I live in Thailand and sadly all my photos are in spain. Bills funeral is on thursday the 22nd of december in Thameside Manchester.
If I can provide any more info please let me know. I spoke to Bungy Williams in a couple of days ago.”

RIP Shipmate