November 2016

13 November 2016: Ray “Crash” Evans

Roy Jones

On this day of Remembrance I have to inform you of the death of Roy Jones,  Aircraft Handler. Roy served from 1954 to 1965 on the Carriers H.M.S.Eagle, H.M.S.Ark Royal, H.M.S.Victorious, H.M.S.Hermes and RNAS Culdrose where he met his wife Grace. They lived for many years at Troon, up the hill from Camborne

I have no details of the funeral yet, I will post them when I receive them

Rest in Peace shipmate

20 Nov 2016: Ray “Crash” Evans


The Funeral of Ex Aircraft Handler Roy Jones will be held at Troon Methodist Chapel 2.00pm Thursday 24 Nov 2016 with internment at Troon Cemetery. All who knew Roy are welcome.

Rest in Peace shipmate


4 November 2016: Rod Aston

John ” Willie” Clarke

R.I.P John ” Willie” Clarke, Willie and I joined the same day and left the same day. Last time I saw him was on Kings Cross station we shook hands and went our seperate ways, a we did meet up in Maltfter we had had our last week-end in Pompey barracks and London, where we saw Arsenal (only home game on ) Baxter scored, if I remember. Willie had come from Claycross and joined with a Trevor “Bev” Brookes, both had been in the mines,after initial training Willie and I had a draft to the Vic, Bev went to the Ark,we did meet up when the Ark and Vic, were in Malta together, Willie and I were both on AH2’s course in 1965, with Arthur Taylor Joe Eaton,Scouse Fairbrother,Noddy Cruickshank,Jan Pring, Some of whom are now sailing the salty waters where the old salts go.May you always have fair winds Willie, a true pal. Tom Tickner