Jamie Bauld – RIP “UPDATE”

Jamie Bauld RIP
More sad news I afraid. Jamie Bauld crossed the Bar early this morning, after suffering the last few years from prostate cancer.
Jimmy served in the branch, mostly as an Aircrew diver, from 1959-1982. he was also one of the very early members of the Association.
There will be a remembrance service to celebrate Jamies life next Weds. 11th Feb. 13.00-14.00,  at Cottiers, Hyndland Road, Glasgow. G11 5PU

RIP Jim. SAR diver on my first ship. Safe harbour old mate. My condolences to Di and the family.

Thanks to Bob Birkett for informing me.

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  1. Bill Clarke says:

    I was Jimmy and Dis, best man at their wedding back in the early sixties in a small Welsh village.I joined up a few weeks before Jimmy,and Dai that lovely Tilley driver.Rest in peace my old shipmate,Deepest sympathy to Dai and her children Stewart and Zara.

  2. Nick Carter says:

    Very sad news. My heart and thoughts are with Di and all Jimmy’s Family. He was a great man and one of the reasons that made me proud to have been an Aircraft Handler.

    R.I.P mate. You will never be forgotten

  3. Bill Hulston says:

    RIP Jamie. Sincere condolences to all the family.

  4. Billy Cotton says:

    Jamie had suffered with this,but as far as he was concerned it was not going to stop him from what he wanted do in life,his bike took him to Europe and around the British Ilse `s quite a few times.We have been Opo`s for a number of years ,at Portland on 771/772 and we lodged at Jim Cuthberts together,HAPPY DAYS.He was also the SAR Diver when the
    Hermes hit the SAR .And he always had that wylie smile and a great sense off humour.
    He will be missed by The AHA. and The Aircrewmans Assocation of whom he was a staunch supporter.RIP Matey My sincere Codolances to all the Family

  5. Bill Korth says:

    RIP Shipmate.Condolances to his family
    Bill and Ruth

  6. Fred Tubb says:

    RIP Jamie, No more deep Dark and Cold only warm seas from now on.
    Lennie Eaton, Jimmy Logan and Don Swafield express there Sadness. They send there Condolences to the family and they are in there thoughts and prayers.

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