Baz “Buzz” Bates – RIP

I have just received the news from Gail, that Buzz Crossed the Bar last evening after suffering a massive heart attack.
Buzz served in the Branch from 1966 – 1985.

More details as I receive them.

I was on 1’s Course and worked on the Fire Pits with Buzz, always game for a laugh and as Cornish as they come.
God bless old friend.

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10 Responses to Baz “Buzz” Bates – RIP

  1. Lee Bunting says:

    We served together on various drafts especially on Bulwark, CU fire station& SAH. All our thoughts go out to Gail and her family.
    Lee Bunting

  2. Swede Fearnley says:

    Gents, Buzz Bates Funeral arrangements are as follows,
    Weds. 7th January, 15.00 hrs. At Tresithian Downs Crem. Camborne.
    Opposite the Premier Inn.

  3. Bill Korth says:

    My thoughts are with his family at this time.

  4. Neil Haskell says:

    So very sorry to learn of Buzz’s passing, we had some great laughs over the years at Culdrose, calm seas my friend. Neil and Gail

  5. Mick Richards says:

    So sorry to hear this sad news, last saw Buzz at his grandsons passing in parade at Culdrose.
    He was so proud that day, R.I.P. my old friend.

    Mick Richards.

  6. Peter Ottewell says:

    RIP Buzz,such times and memories Rusty B,1971-73.

  7. David Shurman says:

    Yet another sad loss. Served with Buzz on the Bulwark. Great bloke. Condolences to friends and family.

  8. Tony Strong says:

    R.I.P. BAZ. Condolences to Gail and the Family, another good chap glad to have known fond memories.

  9. Nick Martin says:

    Buzz was my rescue driver at Culdrose in 66 and we remained close oppos ever since.I will miss his banter and quips. RIP Matey

  10. Bill Hulston says:

    Sad, sad news. Condolences to all the family. RIP Buzz.

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