Pope’s Message

Just read on facebook, the pope said in a message given in St Peters square ” all animals are welcome in heaven ” that’s good news for a lot of chockheads I remember serving with !!!!

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3 Responses to Pope’s Message

  1. Arthur Taylor says:

    I resemble that remark

  2. Fred Tubb says:

    Gubby I dont think Chockheads have trouble getting in up there due too one of the qualifcations of the branch being thus. “Ones Good Looks and Generosity, Only being Exceeded by One,s Charm and Grace”. Dont worry about the Good Looks bit Swede, you might still get in if you Grant “St Peter” Gratis Membership of the AHA.

  3. Swede Fearnley says:

    Don’t know what you could mean Gubbs? Argh, now I do, I just remembered who your run ashore oppo was…………

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