Some old photos…

Recently, there was a kind post about my dad who sadly passed away on Sunday 29th September 2013.  His name is Paul ‘Knocker’ White and he ended his career as a Chief Petty Officer on board HMS Kent.  He was an aircraft handler in the FAA. I thought I would post these images as they may spark some old memories or include some old shipmates. Thanks, Ian (Son)


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  1. Ian White says:

    Thanks Will. We have limited photos so I am hoping someone along the way will have a few lurking in an album somewhere. Thanks again for your post. Ian

  2. Will Scarlett says:

    Loved the photos Ian; your dad and I were mates at Lee-On-Solent (HMS Daedalus) for a while in the late eighties, no photos I’m afraid.

  3. Ian White says:

    Thank you, Fred. A very lovely message.

    Following your comment and something my dad strongly believed in was fighting for the underdog. At his funeral, the cleaner from the Royal Navy Sailing Centre at Whale Island (where dad worked) asked me if I knew what he had done for her. In a rather baffled tone, I replied that I didn’t but I would love to hear what it was. She went on to tell me how my dad went to the commanding officer of Whale Island because she had been informed that she would be losing her job and told him that she was an integral part of the team and the Sailing Centre could not provide the quality of service without her. It was during a time of mass redundancy so she wasn’t overly optimistic with the outcome. However, he fought for her and she was able to keep her job!

    I think that was the best story I heard on that day because it epitomised the qualities of my dad and the beliefs he stood by so strongly! Happy days.

  4. Fred Cahill says:

    I served with Knocker on board Eagle and he never had a harsh word to say about anyone.Always friendly and courteous he was one of lifes gentlemen.

  5. Ian White says:

    Thank you for your kind words, David.

    My brother and I have the same memories except for when we were misbehaving. I hope the photos brought back some pleasant memories. It’s funny seeing dad in those pictures as he would be either younger than me or a similar age.

    We were kite-surfing in the summer and he was full of life. I only have one consolation and that is that I will never see him get old! I have lost my best mate but I was blessed to have such a man as my dad.

    Thanks again.

  6. David Shurman says:

    Thanks Ian, served with your Dad on HMS Hermes & at Lee on Solent (Daedalus) Never saw him in a bad mood , always a smile on his face . A true gentleman & sadly missed. Rest in peace Knocker.

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